1) Why do you ferment the herbs? The value of probiotics not only lies in the bacteria, but in the by–products produced during the fermentation process. That is where the magic happens. During fermentation, bacteria produce amino acids, digestive enzymes, and vitamins while they predigest the herbs, making them easy and available for the body to assimilate.

2) I’ve heard that most probiotics are destroyed by stomach acid. Is that true? Our probiotics are fermented for over six weeks with multiple bacteria strains naturally found on plants, vegetables, legumes, and gluten-free grains. Yes, some of the live bacteria do not make it past your stomach acid. However, we believe your body still receives the benefits from proteins created during the fermentation process.

3) My stomach is gurgling. Is this normal? Yes, that is the live culture talking. A little bit of gas can help with digestion. As your body adjusts, the bacteria will start cleaning up any residue that has been in your gut for a while, which can also cause gas. Lastly, similar to after a cleanse, your system will more truly react to foods that agree or don't agree with you. If you have any preexisting conditions, like SIBO, you may want to practice an elimination diet to “weed the garden before fertilizing it,” as they say.

4) How do I know if I am detoxing? Often we feel toxins as they leave the body. Detox symptoms can vary from flu-like symptoms to fatigue or a headache. If you feel a burst of energy after going to the bathroom, that’s the toxins leaving! If you feel uncomfortable, please lower your dosage and start taking them every other day or every third day. Feel free to email consult@bodyandeden.com for guidance or support.

5) What is the lactobacillus count and does that matter? We believe it is not the count that matters, but how compatible the bacteria are with your gut. By pairing our probiotics with supportive herbs, we aim to help your beneficial bacteria thrive. We have a much lower CFU count than most probiotics on the market, but guarantee you will feel them working! Our six-week fermentation process produces many by-products such as amino acids, bacteriocins, vitamins, and enzymes, which are as beneficial as live bacteria – nature at its finest.

6) Is this product for me? Different formulas resonate differently with everyone. Because they are alive, plants and bacteria tune in to what the body needs. We encourage you to listen to how your body responds and learn to develop a conversation with it. If you need help, please email consult@bodyandeden.com to schedule a free 15-minute health coaching session.

7) I am going the bathroom more. Is that normal? Woo-hoo! Everyone is different, but it can be normal for us to go 2–3 times a day. It is more the quality than the quantity that counts. If you are going more than desirable or your stools are watery or loose, reduce your intake and frequency of use.

8) Can I take more than the recommended amount? Due to the fermentation process, the herbs are predigested and easy for your body to utilize; therefore only a small amount is needed. We have found that the suggested amount provides the desired benefits. Plus, the more we receive from less, the better the value for us and Mother Nature.

9) Do I need to refrigerate your product? Keeping our product in the fridge makes the bacteria go dormant, but we use a shorter expiration period rather than try to extend its shelf life. Store in a cool, dry place at 71ºF (22ºC) or below.

10) Are your products organic? We use an Australian organic certified manufacturer that abides by a much stricter standard than required in the United States.

11) Is the product dairy, vegan, GMO-free, or gluten-free? Yes. Our product is gluten-free but produced in a facility that processes grains and repackaged in a kitchen that processes nuts.

12) Is there sugar in your product? The honey is food for the bacteria. It is digested during the fermentation process, so no sugar remains.

13) Why is my mind-set important? “The state of mind changes the state of the body by working through the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and the immune system.” — Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

We believe in an approach that nourishes the body with healing nutrients and life-affirming thoughts. Well, if the mind changes our body, why do we need to do anything at all? Good question. We believe that action serves as a vehicle for intent and intention comes into form through action.

“Action is the only channel whereby the feeling, the intent, is allowed to be expressed and experienced.” — Marlo Morgan, Mutant Message Down Under

14) When and how often should I take the product? Some people like to take it five days per week; others prefer every other day. Listen to your body and choose your personal preference. We always recommend days on and days off and are also a fan of rotating herbs and food every season.