We were tired of the yo-yo, hopping from cleanse to cleanse, striving for health and seeing glimpses, but falling short of sustaining it. We want to build our baseline, strengthen our body and mind. Rather than avoid stress, we want to transform it, though the option of moving to a mountain and meditating is still appealing, sometimes. 

Here's the deal. The healthier we become, the more we feel, of the good, the bad, and all that is inside and around us. No wonder it is hard to stay healthy. So, you want more energy, focus, and emotional stability? Great! Let's invite those resources and consciously decide how to use them. Let's channel our energy into living life more fully, because that's what it's for anyway. 

We know that this may not sound easy. But we've got your back. Send us an email, or if you need some one-on-one time, click below for a free consultation. We may suggest you go hug a tree or talk to plants, but hey, we do it, and we promise they are listening. 

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"I see our relationship with plants and bacteria as an opportunity to trust and connect back with nature. By changing one relationship we can alter others." 

xo, aubrey